Effects of Smoking (Make Stupid)

Posted by Hendra Wibowo on Wednesday, May 16, 2012

smoking make stupid
Effects of Smoking (Make Stupid) - Smoking not only causes heart disease, lung cancer, and impotence. Recent research has shown other effects of smoking, which can make you stupid.

The study, led by Severine Sabia from the University of London, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health studied health data from 5.099 men and 2.137 women.

To assess the association of smoking with cognitive decline, researchers reviewed the report by using six assessment of participants' smoking status for 25 years and three assessments of cognitive tests that collected for 10 years.

Findings that published in Archives of General Psychiatry found that male smokers had a faster mental decline than non-smokers. While smokers who had quit for at least 10 years before the first assessment of the cognitive tests, still showed significant cognitive decline.

"Male smokers aged 50 years showed a similar cognitive decline to male non-smokers aged 60 years," said Sabia.

Nevertheless, the researchers found no relationship between smoking and cognitive decline in women. Sabia added that it could happen because women in this age group are smoking less than men.

"Our results suggest a link between smoking and cognitive decline, especially in older men," said the researchers. 

So, after finding out that the effects of smoking can make you stupid. Are you going to continue that habit?

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